Central Florida Throwdown Ladies Tank
Central Florida Throwdown - Mens Tee
Central Florida Throwdown - Womens Hoodie
Central Florida Throwdown - Mens Hoodie

Official THROWDOWN LUCKY 7 Gear on sale now!

This is a limited edition run of apparel, Order now and pick up your shirts / hoodies at the 2019 Central Florida Throwdown!

The female competitor shirt this year are tees, so if you want a Lucky 7 Throwdown Tank you’ll want to jump on this!

Lucky 7 Throwdown hoodies are super lightweight, tri-blend. Perfect for Florida! 

If you are not coming to Throwdown but would like a shirt, we will ship AFTER the event.

GET YOURS TODAY by remitting payment and size via

Paypal to: [email protected]

***If you are having your shirt shipped please include $4.95 for shipping and please include your address in a note or message it to [email protected]