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The Floater – LIft ALL the Weight!


Total Weight Moved in 3 mins via Front Squat from the ground.

  • Athlete must stay at the same weight for the entire 3 minutes
  • Example; If the athlete picks 100lbs and front squats 22 times in 3 minutes they have moved at total of 2,200lbs or 1.2 tons.
  • Athlete must pass through a full squat with hips below the knees
  • Athlete may front rack any style
  • The athlete my drop the bar as many times as the need to
  • If the athlete full squat cleans the bar from the ground and meets the squat standard, that rep will count towards your accumulated weight.
  • Teams must go to the floater together


EVENT 1 – Amanda-mrap


Amanda-mrap – Individuals 4min Amrap/Team 7 min Amrap

CLICK THIS LINK TO SEE THE WRITTEN STANDARDS FOR THIS WORKOUT. This is in google docs, everyone has the ability to comment, please ask your question there, so we can keep all questions and responses in one place.









Elite – 4min Amrap

6 Ring Muscle Ups

6 Snatch 155/115

Rx -4min Amrap

6 Ring Muscle Ups

6 Snatch 135/95

Masters 40+/Grandmasters 50+ – 4min Amrap

6 Pullups

6 Power Snatch 95/65

Sx –– 4min Amrap

5 Pullups

6 Power Snatch 95/65

Beginner – 4min Amrap

6 Ring Rows

6 Hang Power Snatch 45/35

Teams – 7min Amrap


10 Ring Muscle Ups

10 Snatch 135/95


10 Pullups

10 Power Snatch 95/65

2016 Schedule of Events

Friday September 16th:

     4:30PM – 8PM
Floater WOD 1RM Max Bench Press @ The Sunset Grill Pavilion

     4:30PM – 7PM
Early Athlete Check-in in Hangar B

Saturday, September 17th

Judges Meeting @ Location TBA

Opening Ceremonies, Presentation of Colors/Singing of the National Anthem

Competition Begins, Final Heats TBA

Floater WOD for those who didn’t go Friday night

Sunday, September 18th

Competition Begins

30 minute intermission, everything shuts down. Safe travels to all!